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School of Music



We are a Benedictine School of Music committed to seeking and nurturing musical talent towards excellence in order to develop leaders with the mission to take music to the greater community, thereby enriching the society.


We envision graduates who are competent, creative, and compassionate musicians who can provide inspiration and direction to all people towards life-long involvement in the art of music.

COMPETENT – knowledgeable, effective, pedagogue and performer
CREATIVE – imaginative, expressive, flexible, resourceful and innovative
COMPASSIONATE – selfless, committed, caring and sensitive


As such, we aim to develop students who:

• are prepared for careers as performers, composers, teachers, and researchers, administrators of music for elementary and secondary levels, church musicians, private teachers, art administrators, and as active practitioners in other related areas of professional activity;

• have developed their own knowledge, understanding, and skills in all aspects of music at a level appropriate to their needs and interests;

• posses a broad knowledge and deepened understanding of all music literature (Western, Asian, Indigenous, traditional, electronic, etc. and related arts through research and publications;

• are able to enrich their lives and those of their community and the nation through a wide variety of musical productions and performances;

• have attained personal dignity and the capability to achieve the highest professional accomplishment manifesting and transmitting Benedictine values;

• have acquired the necessary musical knowledge and skills to become leaders in music education capable of awakening cultural and social values in the young;

• are trained as liturgical musicians in order to help elevate the aesthetic level of the liturgy in the community which they serve; and

• are equipped with the necessary training, knowledge, and skills to use technology as an instructional tool and as a means of creating and producing music.


Our School of Music, a CHED Center for Excellence, is the first music school in the Philippines.  

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School of Music
Dean’s Office Landline:
(632) 8567-7686 (local 2288)

St. Scholastica’s College Manila
2560 Leon Guinto Street,
Malate, Metro Manila