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Grade School

Pre-Kinder, Kinder, Grades 1-6

“The Grade School Program, though the Small Group Prescribed Instruction with Individual Pacing (SGPIIP), impresses upon the pupils’ spiritual and communication development; critical thinking; decision-making skills; and, love for literature and the arts. Likewise, the Program endeavors to mold them into socially aware members of the community as well as building in them the ache to help and serve the country.”

High School

Grades 7-10

“The High School Unit offers academic and non-academic programs to equip young ladies in their continuous quest to be catalysts of change. Academic excellence is attained through understanding theories and applying them onto real-life situations thereby inculcating in them the value of sensible and God-centered decisions. Non-academic and Christian values formation, on the other hand, are enforced through a wide array of outreach programs, which are held both on- and off- campus.”

Senior High School

Grades 11-12 Leadership Academy

Anchored on the school’s Mission and Vision, St. Scholastica’s College, Manila responds to the K to 12 Enhanced Basic Education Program of providing job opportunities and better preparation for higher learning through its Grades 11 and 12 curricula. With the goal of producing graduates who are conversant with the changing times, life-long learners, academically competent, critically aware and socially responsible agents of change, the Senior High School curricula highlights the Leadership Program as its core. It enhances the career tracks, and is supported by the core learning areas as prescribed by the Department of Education.

Night Secondary School

Night Secondary School is a five-year adult secondary education program that caters to working girls / women who financially challenged. Its core of faculty members comes from other units of the schools, and a good number of volunteer-teachers from various schools nearby. All remain dedicated and committed to the Missionary Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing’s educational thrust and sensitivity to social justice.



Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in

  • Marketing Management
  • international Business Economic and Diplomacy (IBEAD)


Bachelor of Arts in Communication 

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with specialization in International Relations

Bachelor of Environmental Studies

* Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Studio Arts

* Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Visual Communication

Bachelor of Science in Biology

* Bachelor of Science in Interior Design

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (BECED)

Bachelor of Elementary Education (Generalist)

Bachelor of Special Needs Education (BSNED)

*Open to Male Applicants



Open to Male Applicants

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management with specializations in

  • Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management
  • Hotel and Restaurant Administration

BS Tourism Management



Open to Male Applicants

Bachelor of Music in Perormance, major in:

  • Strings (Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass) 
  • Guitar 
  • Piano
  • Pipe Organ
  • Voice 
  • Wind
  • Percussions 

Diploma in Music Performance 

Certificate in Music Performance
Bachelor of Music in Music Education, with:

  • Strings  Principal (Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass) 
  • Guitar  Principal
  • Piano Principal
  • Pipe Organ Principal
  • Voice  Principal
  • Wind Principal
  • Percussions  Principal

Bachelor of Arts in Music Production and Technology 

Diploma in Music Production and Technology

Bachelor of Music in Music Composition 

Diploma in Music Composition

Double Degree & Shared Degree Programs



5 year program

With the South Manila: 
Inter-Institutional Consortium (SMI-IC)
Consortium of Women’s Colleges (CWC)

 LIA COM PROGRAM: 1 AB or BS program & 1 BSBA program

 LIA LIA PROGAM: 2 AB or BS programs

• COM COM PROGRAM: 2 BSBA programs


Graduate School

Open to Male Students

School of Accountancy

Master of Science in Accountancy
Master of Science in Business Management

School of Arts & Sciences

Master of Arts in:

• Humanities, major in Women’s Studies
• Pre-School Management
• Special Education
• Psychology
• Counseling

School of Music

Master of Music in:

• Music Education
• Piano Pedagogy
• String Pedagogy

Cognate Programs

Cognate in Women’s Studies
Cognate in Education