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Sports Scholarship

Fotor0104111028Sports Scholarship is awarded to outstanding athletes upon the endorsement and recommendation of the Student Affairs Office and approval of the College Scholarship and Grants Committee. Scholars may enjoy partial (10, 15, 21 units) to full discounts (100%) on tuition fee for one year (two continuous semesters) and may apply for renewal of the scholarship every semester thereafter provided maintenance requirements are complied with.

Basic Criteria

1. Must have been a student of SSC for at least one year unless highly recommended by the school coach.

2. Has a year-end average of not lower than 83% (High School)/2.7 (College) with no failing marks in any quarter/semester.

3. Has not been subjected to any disciplinary action.

4. Must be a member of the varsity team.

5. Must be a multi-awarded athlete.


1. The Moderator of the SSC Varsity Team, with the endorsement of the Dean of Student Affairs/Coordinator of Student Activities, informs the Grants Officer in writing of the candidate/s for the Sports Scholarship.

2. The student secures application form from the Registrar’s and Grants Office.

3. The student submits the application form together with the other requirements. For list of requirements, please inquire from the Registrar’s and Grants Office at telephone numbers (632) 567-7686 local 165.

4. The Scholarship and Grants Committee meets to assess the merits of the application. If approved, the applicant is informed in writing.

5. The scholar signs the contract.

The Scholarship can be renewed before the start of the next year (semester for college students). The scholar is qualified to apply for renewal if she meets the following criteria:

1. Attended the school’s training regularly.

2. Has no failing grades and has complied with the grade maintenance requirements. Grade School/High School – 83% average; College – 2.70 CQPA.

3. Has won in at least two (2) major leagues (or its equivalent as determined by the Coach) during the school year (at least one major award per semester for college students) or participation/performance helped improve the team’s standing

4. Has not been subjected to any serious disciplinary action

1. Application form for renewal of scholarship

2. Athlete’s statistics/scorecard/training record form duly signed by the Coach and Sports Moderator.

3. Recommendation letters from SSC Varsity Team Moderator and Student Affairs Office Dean, CSA (SSC form).

4. Photocopy of latest report cardItranscript certified true and correct by the Registrar’s and Grants Office.

5. Photocopy of certificates/awards received since last application including photos taken (properly labeled).

6. Certificate of Good Health from the family or sports doctor duly endorsed by the parents.

SSC is under no obligation to grant scholarship or financial assistance to any student or individual.