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Academic / Merit Scholarship

ScholarsAn Academic Scholarship is awarded to a high school valedictorian (100% discount on tuition fee) and salutatorian (50% discount on tuition fee) who qualify for admission to the College.  Applications for the Academic Scholarship are processed on a FIRST-COME-FIRST-SERVED basis.  Application forms are available at the Registrars and Grants Office.   The application form and other documents should be filed before the deadline set for maximum consideration.  Awarding of scholarships to students filing after the deadline will depend upon the availability of funds or scholarship slots.

Merit Scholarship is awarded to applicants who top the entrance test, whose fourth-year High School general average at the time of application is 85% or above and have been highly recommended by their Principal/Teacher/Counselor.

Requirements and Procedures for Renewal of Academic Scholarship

Submission of:

1. application form for renewal of scholarships (secure from Registrars and Grants Office)

2. latest transcript of records

3. photocopy of class cards of last semester

SSC is under no obligation to grant scholarship or financial assistance to any student or individual. 

Academic and Merit scholars enjoy the scholarship for one year and may apply for renewal at the end of every semester provided they:

1. maintain an average (CQPA) of 3.50 or higher.

2. have no F (failing) or W (withdrawal) grade in any subject.

3. conform with the rules and regulations of the School/College

An Academic/Merit scholar who forfeits her/his scholarship may not be awarded the same scholarship henceforth.