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Theology Department

An Overview

Theology is the core of the SSC Liberal Arts Education because it is a Catholic institution.

This subject enables the students to see realities that are studied in other disciplines from a Christian perspective.  It provides the discipline to think in a Christian way and to act like one.  As the students develop their rational thought and intellectual capacities, they discover the truth, about who they are, where they come from, how they are related to others and the world, what is life about, what is their end, from Jesus who as children of God.

What is the role of theology in the liberal arts education of the whole person?

Theology is the core of SSC Liberal Arts education because as a catholic college, theology courses enable the students to see realities that are studied in the other liberal arts disciplines, from a Christian perspective.  Theology deals with articulating experiences of God’s loving-kindness in the light of faith. It attempts to guide students in seeking answers and meaning to ultimate questions about human life, the human being, the world, God and other transcendent realities relevant to human existence. 

How does theology help develop the students’ intellectual, moral, emotional, cultural, social and religious dimensions as they transform the world and bring all creation to its proper end?

In SSC, the theology curriculum is Christo-centric. This implies that all learning is based on Jesus Christ, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life of Christians.  It helps bring about holistic learning with other disciplines (Philosophy, Communication, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Arts) and sheds light on the meaning of the person’s God-given life and dignity.  In this Christo-centric curriculum, students are prepared not only to make a living but also to make life worth living as they help transform the world.

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Theology 1:

Revelation and Faith Journey

Theology 2:

Christian Discipleship

Theology 3:

Transforming Church

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Witnessing Commitment 

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