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Physical Education Department


1. To promote physical fitness in all its forms (cognitive, affective, and psychomotor) in all  P.E. subject offerings as an important part of maintaining one’s healthy lifestyle.

2. To provide the basic learning competencies in all P.E. subjects.

3. To prepare students’ empowerment for professional growth through critical thinking; integration and application of course content through authentic physical activity experiences.

4. To develop an appreciation for shape, form, expression, and creativity, thereby leading to become a cultured person.

5. To provide learning experiences in physical activities that promotes formation of Benedictine values/ positive attitudes, behaviors and character development.

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P.E. 1: 
Personal Fitness and Wellness

P.E. 2
Dance Arts

may be composed of: 
1. Basic Philippine Folk Dance
2.  Ballroom Dances such as: 
     – Line Dance 
     – Swing 
     – Latin Dances (Cha-cha, Samba, Salsa)  
3.  Other Social Dances (e.g., modern, retro-dance, jazz, hip-hop)

P.E. 3: 
Team Sports and Tournament Management

one in any of the following:
     – Basketball
     – Volleyball
     – Kickball
     – Softball

P.E. 4:  
Recreational Sports

in any of the following:       
     – Arnis
     – Table Tennis 
     – Badminton 
     – Swimming 
     – Bowling

A completion of eight credit units (P.E. 1 to P.E. 4) in physical education activity courses is required for graduation with a mark of “A” as the highest and “D” as the lowest.  Each semester offers 18- week meetings (one session per week) for two credit units for each class.  Approximately 40 classes are offered each semester; no P.E. classes are offered during summer.

Students may earn physical education credits through participation in varsity athletic programs/other related-sports organization activities or through completion of a regular school year P.E. subject course offerings.  A student may seek to have his/her units of credit transferred to his/her St. Scholastica’s College record if the student completed an equivalent physical education classes at another four-year institution.  An equivalent program is one in which the class duration and attendance requirements meet or go beyond those of the SSC P.E. program description and is offered by St. Scholastica’s College.

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