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Amidst the K to 12 move of the Department of Education, (DepEd), the Teacher Education program at St. Scholastica’s College Manila is well versed and equipped in addressing the challenges of the K to 12 curriculum for two programs: early childhood education and special education.  The Teacher Education Program of St. Scholastica’s College is committed to providing future educators with learning experiences and competencies expected of an effective classroom teacher. Training is geared towards the development of Benedictine values and attitudes that will allow students to understand the professional nature of teaching and be willing to promote professional standards.   The education department at SSC has two outstanding undergraduate programs:  Bachelor of Elementary Education major in Early Childhood Education and Bachelor of Education major in Special Education.  There are two (2) graduate programs under the Education Department:  MA in Pre-School Management and MA-in Special Education. 

The Education Department also offers cognate courses in education (i.e., Principles of Teaching and Learning, Human Growth and Development, Measurement an Evaluation, etc) for those who wish to take the Licensure Examinations for Teachers (LET).  The cognates courses will allow graduates of any course to obtain the necessary units to take the LET and be equipped to teach in high school.

The Education Department aims to develop graduates who can:

• become competent teachers equipped with the foundations and skills (i.e., innovative strategies/methodologies) needed for effective teaching;

• pioneer educational research, innovation and creativity; and

• display social awareness, respect for the dignity of others and excellence in all aspects of one’s profession.

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Bachelor of Elementary Education 
major in Early Childhood Education (ECE)

The Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in Early Childhood Education Program helps would-be pre-school teachers to enhance their knowledge of children’s learning development. It provides an overview of the theories and methods used in teaching pre-school children. It emphasizes the important role of the family, the school and the teachers in the children’s cognitive, psychological, physical, behavioral and moral development. Moreover, it provides the students the opportunities to work on skills that children need to succeed in school and in day-to-day life experiences.

Bachelor of Elementary Education 
major in Special Education (SPED)

The Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in Special Education (SPED) Program prepares students to teach and serve individuals with exceptionalities.  It enables students to teach special children the necessary skills to become independent or semi-independent members of society by developing in them independence, self-confidence, and socially acceptable behaviors.  The Program also teaches behavior management system and intervention programs to improve student behavior as well as to monitor and assess overall school performance of children with different exceptionalities.


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