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Schools and Departments

SSC as a Higher Education Institution (HEI)

SSC is a private Catholic institution offering basic, tertiary and graduate education for girls and young women/men. Its academic programs are designed so that they remain attuned to the characteristics and tenets of SSC as a socially oriented school. SSC’s thrust of Education for Justice and Social Transformation and the formation of transformative women leaders define the educational vision shared by all sectors of the academic community. 

Undergraduate education in SSC is steeped in the liberal arts tradition. Over and above basic cognitive and action skills, the liberal arts core curriculum provides students with the opportunities to develop higher-order thinking skills as well as enable them to develop their full human potential. Through skill and content courses, students experience the intellectual, social, cultural, ethical and personal resourcefulness to confront life’s many challenges. 

SSC’s commitment to meeting the various needs of its discriminating clientele is seen in the various degree programs the school offers. These programs are: 

1. Graduate Programs – It offers master’s courses in Women’s Studies, Family Psychology and Counseling, Music Education, Piano Pedagogy, Pre-School Education, Pre-School Management, Special Education, International Hospitality Management, Accountancy and Business Management. 

2. Undergraduate Programs – It offers bachelor degree programs in the arts, fine arts, sciences, commerce and music. 

3. Special (Double-Degree) Programs – To reach out to students who are academically gifted and/or see the value of finishing two or more degrees, SSC offers the Honors Program, LIACOM Program and other double-degree programs that may fall under the Arts and Sciences and Commerce curricular streams. 

4. Cognate Courses – Students interested in taking additional courses in education may enroll in an 18-unit cognate course. 

5. Certificate Programs – SSC has certificate programs offered by the School of Music and the School of Arts and Sciences. The certificate programs are attached to ladderized curricula in music performance, music composition, multimedia and web design, and visual arts and design.

6. Shared-Degree Programs – SSC is a member of the South Manila Inter-Institutional  Consortium (SM-IC), formerly I-IC, and the newly formed Consortium of Women’s Colleges (CWC). One of the privileges accorded students of the consortium’s member schools is the opportunity to take a degree in the other member schools when such a degree is not offered in the student’s home school. The basic courses are taken in the student’s home school and most, if not all, major (professional) subjects at the host school.

Schools and Departments:
     ♦ School of Accountancy
     ♦ School of Arts and Sciences
     ♦ School of Business
     ♦ School of Music

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