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Student Welfare Programs and Services

Guidance-Main_06The Sr. Ligouri Life Management and Wellness Center (or the Guidance Department) anchors all its programs on the conviction that every student is a unique individual whose needs and concerns must be met with individual attention and understanding.  To assist each student in developing her abilities and capabilities, the students are encouraged to avail of the services offered: 

• Individual Inventory and Routine Interview Service – a process to get to know the needs, concerns and interest of the students as well as the collection and analysis of relevant information about them. 

• Counseling Service – the purposive interaction between student and counselor, individually or in groups where problems, concerns or difficulties are shared in confidence and where the counselor helps the student manage her/his own problems using her/his own resources.  

• Testing Service – the administration and interpretation of standardized tests, concerning ability, achievement, interest, personality, etc. 

• Information Service – the dissemination of information through seminars, talks, individual or small group discussions, regarding personal, social, emotional and career concerns; also includes handouts, brochures and other documents for additional information and Research and

• Evaluation Service – the supply of data pertaining to students’ needs, test results and other important information for planning and program development.

Nec_Competition (6)The Career and Placement Office is one of the support services of the College Unit. Its main task is to address the pre-employment and employment needs of the graduating students and alumnae. It also considers as one of its major functions the networking with industry practitioners for the needed feedback that will assist the College administration in curricular improvement and students’ skills development. The Career and Placement Office provides the following services: 

• Job Placement – the Office schedules a job fair annually. Companies representing various industries are invited to be part of the school’s on-campus recruitment program. The SSS is also invited to issue Social Security numbers to graduating students. The office also distributes graduates directory and resume CD to companies, conduct follow up or tracer studies and facilitates the Industry-Academe Dialogue. 

• Career Education – The Office schedules annual seminars and orientations that cater to the needs of third year and graduating students, such as the Career Orientation which assists the students in decision-making and selecting from various options open to them. Topics discussed relate to areas such as choice of career, job hunting and resume writing. Mock interviews are likewise conducted to better prepare graduates for actual job interviews.

IMAGE05 281The College Campus Ministry of SSC strives to promote a Christian atmosphere and foster a Christian community. It is committed to the holistic formation of every member of the college community through a balanced integration of Ora et Labora. Innovative programs, activities, retreats and recollections and projects that promote among the students, staff and faculty the spirit of Christian freedom and genuine growth in the spiritual, intellectual and social life-dimensions are initiated and implemented by the Campus Ministry Office.

IMAGE17 015Remaining committed to its thrust of Education for Justice and Social Transformation, the school offers:

• Academic scholarships to High School valedictorians (100% discount on tuition) and salutatorians (50% discount on tuition).
• Merit scholarships (100%/50% discount) on tuition to outstanding students who top the entrance exam.

• Sports scholarship to outstanding athletes.

• Financial assistance is granted to those who pass the school’s Admission requirements but may not have enough financial resources to enroll in SSC.  The grant may be in the form of:

     – 10, 15, 21 units discount on tuition

     – 100% discount on tuition

     – 100% discount on tuition and special/other fees.

For more information, students may visit the Registrar and Grants Office. 

IMG_6654The Social Awareness and Involvement Program of SSC is a concrete response to the thrust of Education for Justice and Social Transformation. The Institutional Social Action Center (ISAC) is the lead office in implementing the program and in coordinating with other offices and units. The ISAC serves the Scholastican community and SSC’s adopted or extension communities through the program and services described below.

IMG_9712In keeping with the school’s thrust of social concern and involvement, SSC introduced the Benedictine Volunteer’s Program (BVP) in 1996. It was then a support program under the Office of the President that provides volunteer assistance to various institutions and community-based organizations. In 2005, it was placed under the ISAC.

Today, BVP provides the matching and bridging of technical expertise with need. Through volunteerism, individuals and groups share their talents, skills, and other resources with various institutions and communities that need a particular expertise. In the process, there is transference, improvement, sustained development, and transformation in both the volunteers who render service and the institutions and 

1. Volunteer Formation – It nurtures the volunteer’s passion and vocation to serve various institutions and community-based organizations of BVP through a formation program.

2. Community Services

• Share-A-Year Program – It provides an option for new graduates and young professionals as well as SSC alumnae to render one-year service in any institution or community-based organization connected with BVP. Volunteers can serve as teachers, counselors, program staff or community workers and organizers in the socio-pastoral centers. Volunteers receive a minimum monthly allowance with free board and lodging.

• Short-Term Volunteer Program – BVP networks with various communities and other non-government organizations in Metro Manila that accept volunteers on short-term basis. Students and professionals can, depending on their availability, render regular volunteer work for a pre-arranged period of time. The office of the BVP makes special arrangements for those who volunteer on an individual or group basis to assist in the conduct of workshops and training, tutorials, catechism, counseling and other forms of short-term volunteer work in any of the partner communities of BVP.

IMG_0666ISAC ventures into partnerships with non-government organizations (NGOs), peoples organizations (POs), and church-based and parish-based organizations and apostolates for the school’s service program in extension communities. Among the services of the ISAC, in coordination with the Institutional Outreach Committee, are exposure/immersion, relief and tawid gutom bags, skills training, tutorials, spiritual formation (e.g., catechism and values formation) and consultancy services. The various student organizations and the Student Council coordinate with the SAC in the outreach programs and projects they initiate and implement.

The Friedenshaus is a dormitory for SSC students. It also accommodates transient guests like visiting professors or parents of students. It is located within the campus at the corner of Estrada and Leon Guinto Sts.

All units are furnished with refrigerator, dining set, study table, ceiling fan, mini blinds, built-in cabinet and cleaning materials.

Bedrooms are furnished with individual beds with mattresses, built-in cabinets and closets, drawers, mini-blinds and cleaning materials.

Other facilities include telephone/intercom, fire exits, laundry area, common microwave and toaster, visitors’ lounge and transient rooms for visiting parents.

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