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SSC Trivia

Kulasa1. Who was St. Scholastica? 
St. Scholastica was the twin sister of St. Benedict

2. Who is St. Benedict?
St. Benedict is the founder of the Benedictine Order

He is the Patron Saint of Europe
He is also called the “Father of Western Monasticism”

3.What year were St. Benedict and St. Scholastica born?
They were born in the year 480 and died 547 A.D. at Monte Cassino

4. Where was the birthplace of St. Scholastica and St. Benedict? 
Nursia, a city in Southern Italy

5. What was the name of the convent which was established by St. Scholastica? 
St. Mary’s of Plombariola

6. Inscribed on a St. Benedict Medal are CSSML and NDSMD.  What is the meaning of CSSML and NDSMD? 
CSSML stands for “Cruz Sacra Sit Mithi Lux” which means “May the Holy Cross be my 
NDSMD stands for “Non Draco Sit Miehi Lux” which means “Let Not the Dragon Be my Guide”

7. When did the first German Missionary Benedictine Sisters arrive in the Philippines? 
September 14, 1906

8. What was the place of origin of the first five German Missionary Benedictine Sisters? 
Tutzing, Bavaria in Germany

9. Where did the first five German Missionary Benedictine Sisters stay during their first three months in the Philippines?
Moriones, Tondo, Manila

10. When did St. Scholastica’s College in Moriones, Tondo begin?
December 3, 1906

11. Who were the two persons who requested the German Missionary Benedictine Sisters to give religious instructions to the poor children in Manila?
Apostolic Delegate Msgr. Dom Ambrosius Agius, OSB
Archbishop of Manila Msgr. Jeremias Harty, D.D.

12. Who were the five German Missionary Benedictine Sisters appointed for the mission of bringing God’s word to the Philippines?
a.  Mother M. Ferdinanda Hoelzer, OSB, Prioress
b.  Sr. Petronilla Keller
c.  Sr. Cresentia Veser
d.  Sr. Winfrieda Mueller
e.  Novice Alexia Ruedenauer

13. Initially, how many paying students did the first five German Missionary Benedictine Sisters have?
Eight (8) paying students (six girls and two boys)

14. About how many non-paying students were there in the “Free School” of the five German Missionary Benedictine Sisters?
About fifty (50) non-paying students

15. After a year in Moriones, Tondo, the school was transferred to a bigger place. Where was this place?
At San Marcelino Street (The former St. Theresa’s College and now Adamson University)

16. How long did the five German Benedictine Missionary Sisters stay in San Marcelino Street in Manila?
Seven (7) years

17. What year did the five German Missionary Benedictine Sisters move to its present site in Singalong?
On the eve of Christmas – December 14, 1914

18. What is the school’s motto?
Ora et Labora meaning “Prayer and Work”

19. Where did the school’s motto come from? 
From the Holy Rule

20. Who wrote the Holy Rule?
St. Benedict wrote the Holy Rule

21. Why is the color of the school uniform blue and white?
The color of the school uniform is blue and white in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

22. Who were the first teachers of St. Scholastica’s College?
The German Sisters of the Missionary Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing, Bavaria

23. What is the school’s mission and thrust?
Education for Justice

24. What is the title of the school’s hymn?
Let’s Cheer for St. Scholastica

25. What song do we sing at solemn feast and graduation?
College Hymn

26. What is the title of the song “We are here, dear SSC to laud your glory to the sky”?
Fealty Song

27. What is the title of the school’s centennial hymn?
We Gather Here in Unity

28. What is the meaning of the Latin word “PAX”?
Pax means Peace

29. Who is our present Mother Prioress?
Mother Adelaida Ygrubay, OSB

30. Who is our Prioress General in Rome?
Mother Angela Strobel, OSB

31. Who is SSC’s 18th President?
Sister Mary Thomas Prado, OSB

32. What is the school’s theme for school year 2012 – 2015?
“Christ-centered Leaders Renewing our Culture, Revitalizing our Community, Restoring the Integrity of Mother Earth with Joy and Hope.