2560 Leon Guinto Street

Singalong, Malate, Manila






Facts About SSC

8Mission Statement

We are a Catholic Benedictine educational institution for young women committed to providing a holistic formation anchored on academic excellence to mold our students into critically aware and socially responsible agents of change towards the transformation to a just and equitable society.

Vision Statement

We envision self-fulfilled Scholastican women and men of character and integrity, imbued with Filipino, Christian and Benedictine values, living out ora et labora, with a passion for service and commitment to truth and justice to transform society.


We do this in the context of a socially oriented school:

♦ Whose administration, faculty and students are conversant with the current economic, political, socio-cultural and ecological   conditions of the Philippines;

♦ Where the academic community is actively involved in working with the marginalized of society towards self-reliance and total human liberation;

♦ Where curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities foster the development of social awareness and involvement of the different sectors of the community with chosen programs of action that promote genuine democracy and nationalism;

♦ Whose systems of evaluation recognize the uniqueness of every person, develop critical thinking and cultivate social responsibility;

♦ Where policies of employment and interrelationships reflect social values, especially justice, equity and respect for human dignity; and

♦ Where the various sectors participate in making the decisions and policies which affect them.