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Women in IT

February 26,2015

Last December 6, 2014, members of Philippine Graphics and Animation Society (PHICSAMATION) attended the second installment of “Women in IT”. “Women in IT” is a seminar which discusses women’s participation in innovation. This seminar is important for it brings awareness and more importantly, inspiration to the students. The “Women in IT” seminar promotes feminism which is gravely needed especially in today’s society. Empowering women is a strong topic of this seminar. The seminar had two speakers, which were Ms. Clariz Mariano and Ms. BeeAy Urbano. Ms. Mariano and Ms. Urbano are both IT graduates of St. Scholastica’s College Manila. They discussed the different things students should expect in the industry once they graduate and also tips and pieces of advice for the graduating students. They inspired the students to being brave enough to reach for their goals and aspirations but at the same time, reminded the students that this task is not an easy one. This seminar is expected to be repeated every year because it tackles important points PHICSAMATION would be proud to contribute to its members. 

By: Phicsamation Member