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Welcome To The Family

October 24,2015


Another school year has begun which marks a new journey ahead for the Supplementary Education Program (SEP). Last June 26, 2015, the SEP Parents’ Orientation was held in the High School Audio Visual Room. The parents from Santissima Trinidad Parish together with their children attended this orientation.

The orientation began with a short prayer service and was followed by the singing and dancing of the song “Welcome to the Family” that was led by the TK Student Core. After this, the opening remarks were given by Angela Lagman, the Outreach Student Coordinator. The orientation continued as Mrs. Banta, the Assistant Coordinator for Outreach introduced Ms. Norelyn Belaro, the Coordinator for Outreach together with all the members of the TK Student Core. She also presented to the parents the events plotted for School Year 2015-2016 including SEP tutorials and other special activities that will be done on their respective venues. She gave some reminders about the activities. Next, the parents were asked to fill up the Personal Data Sheets (PDS) of their children for documentation while the SEP Students were having their ID picture taken on innovation for this year. Lastly, school supplies were distributed to the children for them to use as they go along with the SEP and for their schooling. 

Smiles were seen on the faces of the children and their parents as the orientation ended. All were excited to begin another year of the SEP with all the activities ahead of them. Together as one family, they shall be creating the puzzle of their journey piece by piece. Now one puzzle piece is down and there are many more to go. How the year would go remains a question but in the perfect time  then will unfold.

By: Margarita Bautista