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December 9,2015

Every September, the Social Studies Area of Junior High School (JHS) unit celebrates their annual History Week. In keeping with this year’s theme, “Unanimity: The Jewels of Unity”, the area, through the stained glass output of the different grade levels, showcased the concept of peace and how it was, is and will be achieved in our society. For Grade 7, they centered on the ethnic practices for the preservation and conservation of Asian natural resources to attain balance and peace in the environment. The Grade 8 projects, meanwhile, exhibited the development of peace from the Medieval Age to Renaissance.  The 9th graders illustrated the effort of the different countries in relation to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). For Grade 10, the outputs showed how each person can promote peace through social responsibility.

The exhibit, in partnership with the Scrap the Mining Act of 1995 Network, also showcased the struggle of the Lumad people for their ancestral land and their justice plea for their leaders who were killed by the military in Mindanao. Likewise, a peace wall where one can share his/her thoughts and express ideas about how to attain peace in the country given our present situation was also put up inside the gallery.

The opening of Social Studies Week was held at the Amrhein Gallery last September 28 and was attended by the institutional and unit administrators like Sr. Mary Frances Dizon, O.S.B., President of St. Scholastica’s College, Sr. M. Rosalina Fajardo, O.S.B., JHS Principal and other members of the faculty. Some students and Australian delegates also took part during the event. The celebration aimed at students imbibing respect for themselves and the environment.  As members of the Scholastican community, we are responsible for taking care for God’s creation and we acknowledge the interconnectedness of everything in nature.

By Mr. Marlon De Leon, Faculty