2560 Leon Guinto Street

Singalong, Malate, Manila




Tawid Gutom Program Revived through Distribution of Dinner Packs to Street People

April 15,2019

Fifty Dinner packs were distributed by the SSC community led by the College unit to street families along the Singalong/Malate area. The group led by Sr. Judith Diaz, OSB and faculty of the College unit left the school at around 6:45 pm and cruised along Taft Avenue, to Buendia and then back towards to Vito Cruz near Rizal Memorial Stadium and Harrison Plaza. 

The group would get down from the van to give the dinner packs to people scavenging through trash bins, sleeping along the sidewalks and those in make-shift shelters along the streets. 

The Tawid Gutom Program aims to provide assistance to the poor by providing a decent meal once in a while.  The distribution of dinner packs initially is scheduled to be done at least once a month.