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SSC holds Living Rosary – A Scholastican Devotion

October 25,2019

The Scholastican community gathered at the field last October 7, 2019 in celebration of the month of the Living Rosary, an annual activity to commemorate the Virgin Mary’s feast day in September. 

Student organizations, pupils, and teachers were given special roles in the event. The Sularaya Dance Troupe led the opening prayer with a dance. Students from the Benedictine Circle and the Ladies of the Altar each held a candle to represent a rosary bead. The Little Angels of the grade school unit and their teachers helped carry the effigy of the Virgin Mary. The high school faculty led the praying of the rosary. 

Through the school’s Living Rosary, everyone was able to uphold their beliefs towards Christianity and strengthen their faith towards God. The Living Rosary also marked a time in the school year where students can practice meditation during prayer while using the rosary. Even after this day, the students are expected to continue praying the rosary during normal school days.

By Norelle Aguiran