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SSC Community Commits to End VAW with the One Billion Rising Dance

March 22,2018

The SSC Community once again stated its commitment to be part of ending violence against women by taking part in the One Billion Rising Dance against VAW last February 14, 2018. The SSC Community has been taking part in this global campaign for several years, renewing and strengthening its commitment to end all forms of violence especially with the current situation in the Philippines where there is an upsurge of misogyny, the repression of women leaders and the continuing neglect of people’s welfare and the common good. There is also the renewed fervor to continue efforts to stop VAW with the #metoo and #timesup campaigns in the United States against sexual harassment and sexual assault.

The event started at 7:45 am in the school field, with the Welcome Address of Sr. Mary John Mananzan, OSB. This was followed by a message from Monique Wilson, the global director of 1BR. The reading of SSC’s statement on 1BR was done by women representatives of the units of the school. After which followed the dance which was done several times.

The SSC community this year wore the scions T-shirts with pink and black ribbons tied to the wrists.