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Social Interaction

March 21,2017

Grades 8-9 Students Interact with  the Grade 9  Students of La Salle Green Hills

Over the years, the Guidance Office has been arranging social interactions for grades 8 and 9 upon the invitation of an exclusive boys’ school.  For the last two school years, La Salle Green Hills has chosen St. Scho, Manila to be their interaction partner. 

The said activity was held during the dates and venues as follows:

Date/Grade Level

SSC Grade & Section

LSGH Gr. 9 Section


Nov. 21 ( Mon)

Gr. 8 – O


Sr. Kuniberta Hall


Gr. 8 – C


Sr. CaridadBarrion Hall


Gr. 8 – H


St. Cecilia’s ConfRm A

Nov. 23 ( Wed)

Gr. 8 – S




Gr. 8 – L


Sr. Kuniberta Hall


Gr. 8 – A


Sr. CaridadBarrion Hall

Nov. 25 (Fri)

Gr. 8- R


Sr. CaridadBarrion Hall


Gr. 9 – S & C


Sr. Kuniberta Hall


Gr. 9 – H


St. Cecilia’s ConfRm B


Gr. 9 – O & L


St. Cecilia’s ConfRm A

The objectives of the said activity were to appreciate and apply concepts of friendship between the two schools, adapt responsible social behavior/etiquette and respect individual differences. These objectives were  partly in response to the Guidance Office’ vision of equipping the Scholasticans with life management skills.

Pre-interaction activities included an initial planning among class presidents which was held one month before the scheduled activity.  They familiarized themselves with the line-up of activities that they were to facilitate. The level guidance counselor also conducted an orientation to the whole batch a week before the interaction to orient them on the objectives, activities, food and venue among others.

During the activity proper games and getting to know you activities  such as  Do You Like Me?, Human Bingo, Speed Dating and showcase of talents were held. The students rated the activity above average and gave their positive feedback as well as areas for improvement.  This annual event in the lives of our young Scholasticans not only prepares them to be holistic individuals but guides them to the path of wellness as well.

by: Ms. Josephine M. Bargas, RGC, JHS Guidance Counselor