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School of Business Summer Workshop 2017

July 31,2017

The School of Business held its beginning of the year In-Service Training Summer Workshop last 13 & 17 July at the Vikings Venue and Friedenshaus Hotel School.  Entitled “Anatomy of the Business Programs Curricula”, the workshop delved into the fundamental structures of the different majoring courses of the School of Business in relation to the CHED CMO 39 series of 2006. The exercise effectively re-validated the compliance of the current curricula with the CHED CMO and at the same time, enlightened the Department Chairs and faculty participants on practical structural analysis aspect of curriculum management. Currently the SSC School of Business is offering four majoring courses in its Business Administration degree program; Business Management (BM), Financial Management (FM), International Business Economics and Diplomacy (IBEAD), and Marketing Management (MM). It foresees however that additional programs and ancillary courses will be offered effective schoolyear 2018-2019 in its response to the enhanced basic education implementation.

 In preparation for the entry of the first regular batch of the Senior High School graduates in schoolyear 2018-2019 (and thenceforth), the workshop worked out an enhanced set of curricula of the major programs of the School of Business. The said set of curricula which is CHED CMO 17 series 2017 compliant, will be proposed to replace the current programs effective schoolyear 2018-2019. It is planned that the appropriate preparations and documentations be completed within this schoolyear 2017-2018 for submission to the Curriculum Review Board (CRB). After which, corresponding approval for SY 2018-2019 implementation shall be sought from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

The SSC School of Business maintains its dynamic stance in equipping young women with professional education through sound and pedagogy, and responsive curriculum development.

by Ramon R. Mañalac,
Dean, School of Business