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Scholastican Psychology majors paper presentation at the 2019 Behavioral Sciences National Conference

March 25,2019

On March 8, 2019, we, the students of the Psychology and Counseling Department, presented our successfully defended thesis entitled “Childfree by Choice: Multiple Case Study of Voluntary Childfree Women” during the 2019 Behavioral Sciences National Conference of UP Manila at the PGH Science Hall. The theme of the conference, “Reimagining the Behavioral Sciences in Nation Building” highlights the role of individuals, interacting social systems, and influences of the Philippine Culture, as key features that constitute a nation.

It came out as a surprise to us that on February 13, 2019, our paper was accepted as one of the 32 presenters coming from different schools that cater to Behavioral Science majors. We were both excited and nervous about sharing our research which aimed to strengthen the roles of women in a patriarchal society and contribute to the body of knowledge about the issue of childfree women. It was a timely opportunity as our presentation was on the same day as the International Women’s Day celebration.

 As Scholastican Psychology majors, we proudly lived out one of the four advocacies of our school through this presentation which is women empowerment. Since women through the ages have been badly treated through all forms of discrimination, promoting gender equality and women empowerment was our primary purpose. We believe that women and decent men should exert efforts in promoting the comprehensive empowerment of women by giving them a chance to succeed and participate in decision-making related to issues that concern them.  

The conference was focused on current issues that are relevant to nation-building and improvement of our society such as Solo Parenting, News on HIV, Environmental Perceptions and various Social Institutions. The presentations of research output were not only informative but also inspiring. Being part of this conference has taught us that we should not be afraid to speak out and fight for what we believe is right.  Change must start within us by discussing tabooed topics such as Mental Health Issues, HIV, and New Family Structures. These issues should be openly studied without fear of discrimination or humiliation because of one’s stance.

by: Rose Anne Bonsato
      Arabella Tigno
      BS Psychology/AB Guidance and Counseling