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SC Launches Feelm Fest

December 16,2015

Last September 14, the Student Council (SC) launched its second social awareness project entitled “Feelm Fest”. This semestral activity is integrated with the year-long projects, such as the Scholastican League and House Cup,  also led by the student government. In Feelm Fest, students wacth award-winning movies that were carefully selected in order to address the need for young people to become [more] aware of the different issues that confront society today, and to create a sense of urgency, empathy, and understanding of other people, especially those who are suffering due to poverty and war.

The first film shown to students last September 18 was Slumdog Millionaire which portrayed life in India and starred Dev Patel as the lead Jamal Malik and Freida Pinto who played as his love interest Latika. This film garnered several Academy awards, most remarkably for the values that the characters embody. 

The second film is to be announced by the SC on the fourth quarter of the academic year.

By Martha Grace Ysaac, Student Council Vice President