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Psyched Up!: Gearing towards Research for 2nd Year BS Psychology Students

June 14,2017

As partof building a research culture as early as second year, the sophomore psychology students under the class of Prof. Angelbert Z. Hernandez, MA, RGC, RPm for the course Theories of Personality had presented their research outputs last May 22, 2017.

The activity catered eleven (11) different researches integrating the personality theories which were discussed during the second semester of academic year 2016-2017. Eleven groups presented researches with topics on birth order, relationships, life satisfaction, academic achievement and special populations such as LGBTs and cosplayers.

Dr. Marilou B. Francisco, RPsy, RGC of Ateneo de Manila University, Dr. Maryfe M. Roxas, RGC, CSIOP, CSCOP of Philippine Normal University and Ms. Reyselledel B. Rebano, MA, RGC of St. Scholastica’s College Guidance Center served as panel of evaluators.

The event has been an avenue for a fruitful exchange of information pertaining to deepening the students’ knowledge not only with the different personality theories but also with the rigorous process of conducting psychology research.

By Prof. Angelbert Z. Hernandez, MA, RGC, RPm,
Faculty, Psychology and Counseling Department