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Program Review of the School of Business Completed

August 1,2017

As an institutional effort to ensure uncompromised alignment of the implemented curriculum of the business programs, and to probe into the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the programs plus other concerns and issues, the VPAA-commissioned review group conducted a longitudinal and extensive program review of the School of Business which was completed in June 2017. 

In its data gathering phase which started as early as 2013, the research group employed mixed-methods approach in its data collection.  The approach claimed to have the benefits of both quantitative and qualitative methods. The methods involved were questionnaires/surveys/checklists; interviews; documentation review; observation; focus groups; and case studies. Most data gathered through surveys engaged students in various year levels and program groups.  Supplementary data from the students were obtained through focus group discussions or group depth interviews. To gain more information for the study, interviews were also conducted with the students, faculty members and administrators of the School of Business.  Accordingly, the review group employed documentary research as a means of enhancing understanding through the ability to situate contemporary accounts within a historical context.

The meaningful high and low points resulting from the data analysis revealed useful benchmarks for the administrators and faculty to further improve the services of the School.  Consequential recommendations were presented ranging from instructional facilities to pedagogy.  Similar program reviews are also recommended to be conducted by the other academic units to further strengthen the degree programs of the College Unit.

The VPAA-commissioned program review group was composed of Prof. Marcelino Macapinlac, Jr., Dr. Teodora Salubayba, Prof. France Marie Sumang, Prof. Anna Cecilia Alvarez, Prof. Chloe Socorro Ramos and Prof. Corazon Huvalla. 

VP for Academic Affairs Dr. Virginia R. Fornias and College Dean Sister Rosario Obiniana OSB appreciate the accomplishment of the review group and recognize the continuing need to revisit and assess academic programs to ensure excellence in the delivery of education.

By Ramon R. Mañalac
Dean School of Business