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Prof. Eric B. Zerrudo SSC College Week Pre-Opening Keynote Speaker

December 17,2014

Zerrudo 1St. Scholastica’s College, Manila holds College Week every December in celebration of the Liberal Arts foundation of all our curricular/academic programs in SSC.  This celebration highlights SSC’s conviction that liberal arts education is the vehicle by which students are developed holistically towards become responsible agents of change and productive citizens of the community.  This year’s theme is “Liberal Arts and National Heritage”.  Prof. Eric B. Zerrudo was the keynote speaker.

Prof. Zerrudo is the Director of the Graduate School Center for Conservation of Cultural Property and the Environment in the Tropics of the University of Santo Tomas (UST-CCCPET).  Currently he is the Vice-Chair of the UNESCO Philippine Culture Committee and represents the Philippines in the World Heritage Committee.  He also serves as adviser, consultant and project coordinator in various government and religious agencies.

Prof. Zerrudo’s talk was an enlightening mind-opener for the faculty audience regarding the hard work and systematic effort of his group in cultural mapping involving tangible and intangible cultural assets of the country.  The endeavor is a big step to data consolidation and coding that could significantly facilitate comprehensive cultural heritage conservation and management.  Even in unfortunate events of natural or man-made disasters, local governments benefit from the information in formulating public policies on post-disaster heritage conservation and reconstruction.

Zerrudo 2The event was led by the SSC Acting President Sr. Mary Frances Dizon OSB, who delivered the welcome remarks. The other distinguished guests were institutional and college administrators and office heads.  The audience was awed by Prof. Zerrudo’s presentation, appreciating the beauty and the richness of our heritage.


By: Prof. Ramon Mañalac
Dean, School of Business