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Kumustahan: An Assistance Program for ALMS Students

March 21,2017

“KUMUSTAHAN” was designed  by the Guidance High School unit in coordination with the High School Office to assist the ALMS students in their journey as advanced learners in Math and Science. It was held on September 19, 2016 at the Caridad Barrion Hall. Ms. Margarita Isabel Fernandez, who graduated as class valedictorian in 2015, was the main sharer and speaker of the said program.

ALMS stands for Advanced Learners in Math and Science Program. It aims to respond to the thrust of the SSC Junior High School Unit for young women to be committed to academic excellence as social responsibility. The Program is specifically designed to address the giftedness in Math and Science of Grades 7-10 Scholasticans, where they will be engaged in more challenging tasks in a regular classroom setting and where they can be given an opportunity to maximize their full potential ( Guidelines, Appendix G, revised 2016).

Through KUMUSTAHAN, the Guidance Office was able to produce a qualitative document consisting of the consolidated responses of the ALMS students from Grades 7-10 regarding their concerns, perks, and the reasons why they want to stay in the ALMS.

Ms. Margarita Fernandez shared many of her experiences as a High school student and how she maintained her academic success even in college. She discussed significant topics and shared with ALMS students tips such as: a.) How to deal with stress, b.) Tips on Time management c.) How to deal with failure d.)How to deal with pressure.

She also made a significant stress on the power of having a great support system of family, friends, classmates, and teachers ,as they increase the chance of not only surviving school  but also achieving one’s  academic success .

Through the session, the ALMS students gained the insight that it is equally important to have a clear set of goals to lead one to success , and to always choose to be happy no matter how challenging it is to stay in ALMS.

by: Ms. Alma Consolacion S. Alcantara, JHS Guidance Counselor