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Kulinarya Team Building

January 29,2019

A Pastry Chef cannot work in the place of a Saucier (Chef responsible for making sauces) nor can a Saucier work in the place of a Pastry Chef. In the Kitchen, there is a place for multiple members who are skilled in different areas. A Sous Chef alone cannot prepare, cook and serve for the whole restaurant. He needs the assistance of many other chefs who are skilled in different areas. In the Kitchen Brigade, the members of the kitchen must be connected and work together to be able to serve its customers. They need teamwork.

Teamwork is a word that describes what a team should be. Previously, last November 8, 2018, Thursday, Kulinarya held their organization team building. A team building that strengthened their bond as an organization. The whole organization that is composed of only 14 members, officers included, were divided into two teams, the blue team and the red team.

The two teams competed in different games such as the Paper Building, in which each team must create a building made of 10 pieces of paper and limited tape under a time limit. Another game was where there are a series of cups and papers. The goal of the game is to successfully stack the cups with removing the paper alone. The organization also played _, a complex concentration game that involves the process of individual elimination of team members. The last game was the hula hoop game in which members of both teams must hold hands and pass the rope from the first member of the team, to the last until it reaches back the first member.

There were serious moments and funny moments, all of which were enjoyable. The most important part of the team building are the lessons learnt from each game. In each game played, we realized the capabilities of one another and think of ways to supply what one another needs in order to move forward as a team. It is during these times wherein we put the team in front of ourselves. We are not alone, therefor we move as one.

by Alyana Morales, 
President, Future Hoteliers and Restaurateurs’ Association