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JAM Women in Business

March 17,2015

“A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult. It’s complicated by the fact that in most nations, women receive substantially less education than men.”  Melinda Gates. As business majors, most of us are aspiring to become successful entrepreneurs in the future. But first, as women, we want to have the confidence and determination to be able to do so. The Junior Association of Management (JAM) had given its first year members the opportunity to spearhead projects. The 106C JAMmers decided to organize a talk entitled “Women in Business: Passion, Creativity and Leadership” which was held last January 23, 2015.

It featured two Scholastican graduates who have been successful in their business ventures, namely, Ms. Marie Antoinette Rosal, owner of the well known cupcake shop, ‘Sophie’s Mom’ and Ms. Gel Rodriguez, owner of quirky bottle cap trinkets, ‘Hodge Podge’. They both discussed topics based on their own experiences that are helpful to business students, such as strategies implemented, difficulties encountered and tips on starting and managing a business. More than sixty (60) students attended the seminar. The audience actively participated in the discussion and open forum. They were excited to receive prizes from ‘Sophie’s Mom’ and ‘Hodge Podge’. The potential creativity and leadership skills of the students was discovered when they shared their future goals and dreams of becoming an entrepreneur like the proud Scholastican businesswomen. Overall, the talk inspired and encouraged a lot of young Scholasticans especially those who are aspiring to become successful entrepreneurs in the future. 

It is JAM’s desire for the Scholasticans to become equipped, empowered and motivated to become successful business women of the future. We were inspired by the journey undertaken by our speakers as they strive towards achieving their goal to become the best that they can be. As an organization, we desire our members to instill within themselves the value of excellence and perseverance; to never lose hope and back down despite the many failures and obstacles they may face.

As seniors and officers of the organization, we are doing our best to mold our members towards being the best versions of them. Seeing our first year JAMmers grow as event organizers, we feel proud, honored, privileged and fulfilled. We can now say that they are now ready to on take leadership positions and be successful in all their endeavors as long as they apply the training and discipline we instilled in them.

By: Alyssa Rae C. Albar (106C) & Johnna Austria (BM4A)