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Junior Association of Management (JAM) Org Week 2015: Keeping Up with the Legacy

February 18,2015

The Junior Association of Management, in celebration of the thriving forty years of the organization, hosted many activities that showcased their members’ diversity.

The essay writing and poster making contest were open to the entire college community, with the theme: 40 years of molding leaders towards achieving excellence. JAMmers were active participants in the contests, and even though both were not won by the members of JAM, the important matter is that it showed the capability of the members to be creative.

Legacy, that’s what Junior Association of Management strives for. For the past 40 years, there were activities that continued on as traditions in JAM. This organization week, JAM was committed to look back on what has been. This was done through a Throwback Sale, wherein toys and other items that became trends during the 90’s were sold. It was not only enjoyed by the college students who had their fair shares of memories with those items but also the gradeschool were able to witness what made the 90’s kids busy-bodies without technology and hightech gadgets.

Inspired by the “throwback” theme, we revived the legacies and traditions of JAM by conducting some of the activities started by the former JAMmers throughout the 40 years. The JAMingo for instance had always been there during the celebration of organization week. Battle of the Wits, JAMazing Race and JAMming were the three chosen activities from the past.

What better way to end the celebration than a campfire JAMming! It was done in the field, where the JAMmers performed their talents and made it the ultimate bonding experience. A scrumptious meal was shared among the first year members and their upper year sisters. This activity was entitled Slainte, it means cheers in Irish. It was a toast to the successful past and the bright future ahead of us.

The activities were carefully chosen by the Executive Board and Committee of JAM to showcase all the hidden talents and capabilities of the organization’s members. This organization week proved that JAMmers are really well-rounded; and that they live up to their mantra: Excelsior (Excel.Soar).

By: Ria Abigail A. Velarde
Junior Association of Management (JAM) Editor-in-Chief, Corporeity