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I-HOTELEIRES Student Labelled as one of the Umami Master

September 13,2017

Umami Culinary Challenge is an inter-school culinary competition that showcases the creativity, innovativeness, and culinary skills of future chefs in using umami taste to the fullest potential. It advocates the slogan “Eat Well, Live Well” by challenging students to prepare nourishing and healthy dishes using the “Choose, Cook, and Serve” guidelines. With Ajinomoto’s support, the Aspiring chefs were able to learn the proper balance of carbs, protein and vibrant colored vegetables by whipping up unique dishes and exploring innovative plating styles.

I-Hoteleires chosen students competed with 55 participating schools and the competing teams were judged based on intensity of their dish’s umami taste, culinary technique and creativity, dish preparation and plate presentation.

“The Best Filipino Umami Dish Category” was participated in by Rafaela Muñoz, Hannah Margollo and Isabella Beltran. “My Umami Creation Category” on the other hand, was represented by Jazmin Manabat, Samantha Dioneda nad Mykaela Velasco.

Nikka Peruna won the “2017 Umami Master” Third Placer (Bronze) in her entry of Traditional Malaysian Chinese Kung Pao Chicken. All the participants were guided and coached by Prof. Lailie Sicdawag and Chef Jerico Chua.

We are grateful that Ajinomoto has thoughtfully put together this kind of program to tickle the minds and taste buds of culinarians and foodlovers.

By: Musicdawag