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“Habi ng Musikang Silangan at Kanluran”

November 12,2015

Last October 23, 2015 at 5:00 in the afternoon, the Activity Center of Glorietta 2 was a spectacle to behold with the opening of Habi: The Philippine Textile Council, as the beautiful woven products from all regions in our country were exhibited.

The event was made more special with the equally beautiful music provided by the faculty and students of the School of Music of St. Scholastica’s College, Manila. The two-hour program was a weave of music from the East and the West, aptly started by the SSC Chamber Orchestra under the baton of Prof. Juan Acuna Munoz. They played works by Elgar-Serenade, Op. 20; Vivaldi-Concerto in Am for Two Violins, with Regina Borja and Gabrielle Belarmino as soloists; and Haydn-Violin Concerto No. 2 in GM. To the delight of the spectators, the orchestra played two well-loved kundimans- Lagi Kitang Naaalala and Hatinggabi by Silos and Molina, respectively, and Pizzicato Caprice by Buencamino.

The second part was a mix of piano and vocal renditions, guitar, wind, and violin solo performances, to mention: Buencamino’s famous Tinikling played by Jeremiah Valenzuela; Santiago’s heart-warming Ano Kaya ang Kapalaran, sang by soprano, Nicole Pugeda; and a duet, everyone’s favorite Minamahal Kita by Velarde, performed by Nicole Pugeda and tenor, James Doak. On guitar, Kriss Caudal played the tender Gaano Kita Kamahal by Cuenco and the energetic Danza Brasiliera by Morel. Camile Mendez played the virtuosic Scherzo Tarantelle by Wieniawsky. Clarinetist Prof. Felicitos Sacdalan played two pieces – the soulful Piagina by Mangione and the jazzy I’ve Got Rhythm by Gershwin.

Not to be outdone are three very young, talented, and budding violinists and members of SSC PREDIS Kids – Maria Clarisse Kraut, Stephanie Angelique Claparols, and Ellian Nikolai Casino, who performed the first movement of Seitz’s Concerto No. 5. Maria Clarisse Kraut likewise wowed the audience with her skillful rendition of Perpetual Motion by Bohm.

The Cello quartet, composed of Beatrice Ricana, Kenneth Laron, JP Anorico, and Paul Natividad, played Pachebel’s Canon in D and Games of Throne theme, a popular hit by Djawadi. The two final numbers of the concert were played by a trio, composed of Michael Angelo Casal, violin, JP Anorico, cello, and Greg Zuniega, piano. They performed the passionate Oblivion by Piazzola, and Lulay, a popular Filipino folksong arranged by San Pedro.

The concert did not only showcase the musical talents of the students of the School of Music of SSC, Manila. More importantly, it proved that the weave of music, whether from the East or from the West, like that of the cloth, can create a beautiful harmony of sounds that can certainly bring joy to everyone.

Congratulations to all the performers!

By Mae S. de Vera