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Graduate School International Collaboration with U20 Alliance in Qingdao, China

May 6,2019

Dr. Maria Victoria Trinidad and Dean Ester Ledesma of the Graduate School Unit, participated in the Inaugural Convention of U20 Sino-Deep-Sea University Alliance in Qingdao, China last  January 10-12, 2019. The alliance aims to gather top universities in China and the Philippines to boost cooperation, exchange of talents, and to promote the common development between China and the Philippines, with the objective of being part of the construction of an innovative global economy.

School administrators from St. Scholastica’s College, St. Paul University, De La Salle University, Adamson University, Lyceum of the Philippines, Philippine Women’s University, Southeast Asia Interdisciplinary Development Institute, and World Citi Colleges participated in the event. Upon arrival in Qingdao late in the afternoon on the first day, delegates from the said schools were given a welcome dinner prepared by Qingdao government officials and also attended by leaders and representatives from different China universities.

The 2nd day of the Inaugural Convention started with an audio-visual presentation of Chinese and Philippine universities, followed with speeches by officials of Qingdao, representatives of Philippine universities, Shangdong University, and Russia,   Seal affixing ceremony by the U20 member Philippine Schools and universities, and presentation of the U20 declaration. Forum thematic reports were also delivered by St. Paul University President, Sr. Evangeline Anastacio, SPC, De La Salle University President, Bro. Raymundo Suplido, FSC, and Secretary General of U20, Dr. Dong Quan-Xian. Lastly, a signing ceremony was held for the Doctoral cooperation program between TOP educations with St. Paul University, Adamson University, Lyceum of the Philippines, and Novosibirsk National Glinka Institute of Music of Russia. The day ended with a tour of the Laoshen Academy Hotel, which houses a rich collection of Chinese cultural heritage.

School representatives also had a glimpse of one of the largest universities in China, and the Qingdao Science and technology park of Harbin Institute of Technology, a 1st class research university which specializes in engineering, aerospace, mechanical, environmental, and material engineering.