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Grade Six Holds Day of Thanksgiving

March 28,2014

The Day of Thanksgiving was held on March 15, 2014 in the field. This lovely event was prepared by the Grade Six parents for our last year in the Grade School Unit. We Grade 6 students also prepared for this day to show our appreciation for what our parents and teachers have done and all those sacrifices they had to make for us. 

We always put God first before everything else, so we started off with an anticipated mass in the Sr. Kuniberta Hall. For the program, we proceeded to the field, where we found several color-coded tables beautifully arranged for each section. Sister Mary Thomas Prado, OSB, the President of the school gave the Welcome Remarks. Katrina Sison, the Munting Barangay President, then delivered the Opening Remarks for her fabulous batchmates.

One of the most anticipated parts of the program was the Students’ Thanksgiving in which every section offered various performances that surely delighted the parents. St. Berno was very creative – changing the lyrics of Love is an Open Door to express their gratitude to the parents. Next was St. Gregory, who sang a lovely song that touched everyone. The class of St. Hugh energized the crowd with their groovy dance moves. Everyone was tapping their feet with the dance number of St. Majolus. St. Odilo’s class dramatized their planning for the Thanksgiving Day, which showed the progress they had been making, until finally, they decided that the perfect performance would be singing with their angelic voices. Lastly, St. Odo’s wonderful presentation was about the journey of our batch from Prep to Grade Six. All the parents were definitely teary-eyed because they missed the times that their children were once very young, as if they wouldn’t be beautiful and smart young ladies (yet).

After all the heartwarming and fun performances, it was time for the delicious dinner to be served while the each class’s videos were played. Another memorable presentation was by a number of students who are the best dancers of our batch. The surprise dance number by the teachers which showcased their fabulous side awed the parents as well. We proceeded to singing the Community Songs which were Glowing Inside and Thanks to You as we gave letters to and received tokens from our parents.

Everyone had a blast during the parents’ dance number. Many students were cheering for their parents because they all looked so cute, and you could see by the look on their faces and the way they danced that they were having the time of their lives. The parents who were watching also enjoyed, reminiscing their younger years.

Of course, the awesome Day of Thanksgiving had to end, and we closed with the Irish Blessing by Sr. Regina David, OSB, the Grade School Principal, along with our parents and teachers. This day was one of the very best for us, because we will always remember what lovely things our parents, other family members, teachers, and friend have done for us.

By: Alex Latagan,
Grade 6 – St. Hugh