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Grade 7 Students Visit Santissima Trinidad Community

March 27,2019

The Grade 7 students went to an exposure trip to Santissima Trinidad Parish Community last September 18-20, 2018 as part of the school’s Religious Extension Program (REP). The goal of this activity is present to students the social realities apparent in their surroundings. It aims to make students grasp and understand the concept of peace with God, self, nature, and others through respect, listening, compassion and harmony.

Before the exposure trip, students were given an orientation on See-Judge-Act and the mechanics for the exposure trip. In going to Santissima Trinidad, they were accompanied by the community volunteer mothers as they walked from the school to the parish community as it was just nearby. Czielle Angeli V. Sosito of 7-Hospitality said she felt sad when she saw the place because it was unsanitary for the residents. “There were animal droppings everywhere and the sewers were clogged. The river was flowing with trash, and there were also a lot of stray dogs and cats.” However, she appreciated the hospitality and kindness of the people and noted the positive things in the community such as having a school and a church.

She adds: “It is really disappointing that our country is facing problems like these. But even though this happens, it is also truly amazing that we, Filipinos, are resilient and determined to solve these together. Maybe, what we can do to help a community that is facing this kind of problem is to help clean their environment by encouraging them to use the 4R’s and to have an annual clean-up of their river. I know that the residents of Santissima Trinidad are trying their best to work hard to have a better future, despite their condition. I believe that one day they will rise up from the ashes of their present predicament and be a role model to other communities.”

Teachers processed the experience of the students by asking questions regarding their feelings, thoughts, and learnings among others.  

by: Czielle Angeli V. Sosito of Grade 7-Hospitality