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Echo Seminar in Business Analytics

March 7,2017

After attending the “Industry-Academe Business Analytics Conference 2017” at the University of Asia and Pacific last 3 February 2017, Prof. Robert Robang of the International Business Economics and Diplomacy Department (IBEAD) of the School of Business conducted a sharing session with fellow program chairs and faculty. 

Mr. Robang presented the familiar fundamentals of business analytics highlighting the use of data and models to solve various kinds of decision problems.   He pointed out that it is a broad category of applications and technologies for gathering, storing, analyzing, and providing access to data to help clients make better business decisions.  Thus, overall organizations improve by providing business insights throughout the system leading to better, faster, more relevant decisions.

In that context, Dean Ramon Mañalac shared that St. Scholastica’s College had taken heed of this realization in the business environment.  As early as 2014, the School of Business had initiated drafting of business course curriculum in business analytics.  It eventually was approved by the Curriculum Review Board (CRB) as a specialization track option to Business Administration program.  Dean Mañalac informed the group too that SSC’s design of the Business Analytics course can be benchmarked with other Universities and in compliance with CHED CMO.

By:  Ramon R. Mañalac,  Dean, School of Business