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Dusit Thani Inter-School Contest Mural Design

August 11,2015

dusit_as articleLast September 2014, Dusit Thani Manila launched an inter-school contest mural design, spearheaded by Ms. Divina Shewakramani.  The theme circled around the company’s mission-vision, core values, beliefs and a mix of both Thai-Filipino culture. Blanche Llanes (ArtSoc President 2014-2015), learned of this competition and ArtSoc accepted the offer, assembling a team of six members, with Blanche Llanes, Andrea Acevedo, Jastine Araneta, Kelsey Salazar, Patricia Syjueco, and Danix Valientes from the Department of Fine Arts and Design, under the guidance of Ms. Elizabeth Castillo, the ArtSoc Moderator. Their design was then proposed to the whole executive board of the hotel and days after, the team received the news their design won against UP’s and SOFA’s.

The project, however, had to go on hiatus as the students’ school requirements had to take priority, while Dusit had to finalize project costs and other considerations. Finally, execution of the project commenced during the 2nd week of April. Just like any other projects, the task involved many challenges and the biggest would include budget and logistics. This would entail modifications from the original plan with the output revolving  on digital graphics, vinyl stickers and sintra boards toward a shift to more manual execution. Both agreed on design applications for four hallways, the entrance wall and the walls of the cafeteria  to be manually rendered and the remaining, digitally.

The team had less than a month to accomplish everything, for the project was due on May 6. They had to work long hours, and sometimes beyond overtime. Of course, Dusit was on hand to generously support the team with meals and accommodation when necessary.  The members had to accomplish this task without skipping on their required hours for OJT.

On the day of the ribbon cutting, the whole team, a few of the ArtSoc members who helped, Ms. Rafanan (Associate Dean of Students Affairs Office) and Ms. Elizabeth Castillo (Artsoc Moderator) were treated to a buffet and at around 2:30 pm, Dean Azcuna arrived to meet the General Manager of the whole Dusit Hotels, Mr. Shackleton who commended the team and the school for doing an outstanding job.

The students involved would like to thank the moderator, Ms Elizabeth “Happy” Castillo, who was with them since the beginning. Fine Arts  Department Chair Jokayaban, our Academic Dean Prof. Azcuna and Associate Dean Rafanan who supported us throughout the journey and Ms. Yen Chico, a former Scholastican and employee at Dusit Thani Manila, who opened the door of great opportunity and believed in the abilities of fellow Scholasticans.

*People who voluntarily offered help
-Lyka Bernal
-Anissa Clarete
-Trinee Altamirano
-Jenica Macabia
-Mary Cuenca
-Steph Tan
-Mm Babia