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Double Feature at NCCA stars SSC Fine Arts Students

March 15,2017

March 8, 2017—The National Commission For Culture And The Arts opened its two new gallery exhibitions that afternoon: Bihag Ng Gutom featuring Neil Doloricon and Re.Flux featuring fine arts students Bea Asinas, Tin Babida and Czarina B. Capulong.

Bihag Ng Gutom showcased former UP Dean of Fine Arts Doloricon’s acrylic works and prints on social commentary, dispossession and capitalism. Curated by Germilina Santos, his show will run until March 31. As for St. Scholastica’s College, Manila Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design students Asinas, Babida and Capulong, their show, held in requirement for graduation, focuses on looking back. Asinas pays gratitude to their alma mater via a cold cast marble statue of St. Scholastica. Babida dives into memories of her grandmother through embroidery and her installation of pillows. Capulong paints a series of self-portraits in homage to video games. Curated by Issay Rodriguez, their show will run until March 21.

Re. Flux consists of three theses: Asinas’ Iskulptura, Babida’s Pillow Thoughts and Capulong’s The Vein Of Inspiration. Presented at the gallery, St. Scho’s cold cast marble hands and feet lay on blue velvet pillows like precious relics. The mold for the hands were mounted on the wall as a time lapse video of Asinas sculpting played. At the center of the room, a bundle of pillows lay. Interactive, guests may cuddle these or lie in the pile to stare at the ceiling which Babida scribbled in chalk. Close by, taped to a wall was her sketch. Meanwhile, the far wall was decorated with Capulong’s five canvas paintings, depicting her love and gameplay of Bastion, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Undertale, Portal and Misao. Capulong’s works are for sale.  

 The afternoon’s audience varied from members of the press to NCCA staff and SSC faculty such as Dean Maria Asuncion Azcuna and Professor Joselito Kayaban, revered artists, academia and luminaries such as painter, photographer and the Capulong’s family friend Pinggot Zulueta, sculptor Frederic Caedo, Asinas’ mentor and grandson of Anastacio Caedo, and Ramon Magsaysay awardee for journalism and National Artist for literature, Bienvenido Lumbera, and friends and family of the featured artists.

The show was a success and the artists would like to thank their respective mentors, the NCCA for this opportunity and the many attendees who came to show their support. 

By Czarina B. Capulong, 3/10/17