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Deeper Understanding about the K to 12 Program and its Implications to both ECE and SPED Curriculum

October 2,2014

Last July 14, 2014 the fourth year students taking up Special Topics held a seminar entitled the “Deeper Understanding about the K to 12 Program and its Implications to both ECE and SPED Curriculum”. The seminar was conducted through the help of the speakers who were Ms. Salvacion Calabucal, the head coordinator of the Makati SPED Center and Ms. Maria Louisa Joaquin, the Coordinator for Academics of St. Scholastica’s College Manila.

Since the K to 12 is about to be implemented, schools are experiencing several changes not only in their physical setting but also in their academic setting. Each speaker presented the changes their schools have made since the implementation of the K to 12. In St. Scholastica’s College Manila, the school has provided several programs as part of the changes. One of the programs which were thoroughly discussed was the Step-up program. The Step-up program is not merely an acceleration program; it is a program wherein the school tried to put the the students in their appropriate grade which is proportionally right with their age. However, one of the requirements of K to 12 is the age requirement for each grade and this is what the Step-up program is aiming at. However, for the student to pass the Step-up program, he or she must also pass the academic requirement for the grade level he or she is transferring to.

On the other hand, in the Makati SPED Center, being a public school, Ms. Sally said that although a lot of regular schools will benefit in the K to 12 curriculum, it will be nearly impossible for a SpEd school to benefit from it, or for that matter any public school. One of the problems and concerns she mentioned is how a public school can benefit from it, when way before the K to 12 curriculum materials such as books are already lacking in the school, how much more now when the K to 12 had already been implemented. Implementation of the K to 12 curriculum in Makati SpEd is said to be going to be real hard because of the lack of funds being distributed. It will be more difficult for the public schools which do not get the sufficient funds for their materials.

From the seminar, we can conclude that although this K to 12 curriculum may be said to be the key to our nation’s improvement, it will take a lot of work to be able to adapt to this phase in the field of Education. Moreover, we can see that K to 12 may be a good thing for the education of the future but we can also see that there are still needs that the government is not able to give the public schools which we think are to be prioritized for the good of the transition being made. It may be difficult at first but in the end I think we all are going to see all these challenges we are facing are worth it. And if we look at it in a positive way, I’d say that if we believe we can do it, then we can do it!

By: Lourdes Grande & Daphney Reyes