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Council of Business Leaders (CoBL) 2017 Renews Collaborative Endeavors

September 29,2017

CoBLDespite a diminished population in the program due to the K to 12 program transitions, the Council of Business Leaders (COBL) 2017 in the School of Business vowed to sustain its active role in the community by its continuing effort to strengthen the collaboration between the academic departments and the majoring students in the School of Business.  The School Dean Ramon R. Mañalac commits to convene, organize, and renew cooperation among business student organizations every school year. The School Dean poses the challenge to the student organization presidents, dubbed as the Council of Business Leaders (COBL), to live up to the mandate of leadership to pursue worthwhile co-curricular activities with considerable concern towards outreach and community service.

On a yearly basis, the COB Leaders agree among others, to pursue the short-trip outreach activities that will enable all fulltime and interested part time faculty of School of Business to participate and take part in community service.  The COB likewise supports the Dean-initiated Business Talks Forum series featuring various contemporary business and economic issues through invited resource speakers from the industry and government sectors.  As possible, the COBL will initiate and implement  beginning of the school year school-wide acquaintance socials involving all-year level students in the School of Business.

The COB Leaders are represented by the presidents of:

Economics Organization (EconOrg)  -  Faustina Fernandez
Junior Association of Management (JAM) -  Grace Hizon
Junior Finance Executives (JFinEx)   -   Marianne Antonio 
Junior Marketing Association (JMA)  -  Alanis Jesca Veras 


By Ramon R. Mañalac
Dean, School of Business