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Building Camaraderie through the CWC Psychology Research Forum

April 5,2017

The Consortium of Women’s Colleges (CWC) Psychology Research Forum 2017 was held at the Sr. Kuniberta Hall in St. Scholastica’s College Manila on the 29th of March 2017. This year’s CWC Psychology Research Forum was hosted by St. Scholastica’s College Manila and was organized by SSC’s Psychology Society. The attendees of this forum were Psychology majors from the three women’s colleges in Manila. However, only students from Miriam College (MC) and St. Scholastica’s College (SSC) Manila were able to attend the said event. The program started off on time and began with an opening prayer which was solemnly lead by Beatrice Lanuza.  Dr. Maria Victoria Trinidad, Chair of the Psychology and Counseling Department, gave a warm welcome to students and guests. To liven the event, Progknowsis—SSC Psychology Society’s dance troupe—danced their hearts out which pumped up the crowd’s energy and had them cheering throughout their performance. Dean Ma. Asuncion Azcuna gave the closing remarks.

Embracing Change & Resilience to Remain Optimistic, Confident, and Creative Despite the Shocks and Surprises of Unforeseen Events was the theme of the Plenary Session. The keynote speaker, Dr. Violeta Bautista of the University of the Philippines–Diliman, started her speech  with a video containing pictures which were mostly the aftermath of the super typhoon Yolanda in Tacloban. Later on, she asked the crowd what could happen to these people after experiencing such a tragedy, and the group gave different answers but were all pertaining to the people’s possible mental status and how these people will be able to cope with the tragedy.

The most striking line that I ever heard from Dr. Bautista throughout the session was “pain is transformative” and I couldn’t agree more. It is in our hands to let the pain that we are experiencing change our outlook in life or transform the feeling of pain into something better that we could benefit from. Being resilient is the ability to resist breakdown from life circumstances and being able to adapt and cope with it. The conditions in our environment will either enhance or weaken us and it is all up to us how we will deal with all challenges in life.

The officers and apprentices of SSC Psychology Society distributed snacks to fill in the students’ stomachs before they were escorted to their chosen clusters for the thesis paper presentations. The groups were classified into six different topics, namely Resiliency (Cluster 1), Test Validation (Cluster 2), LGBT Studies (Cluster 3), Filipino Adolescents (Cluster 4), Filipino Minorities (Cluster 5), and Filipino Women and Work Ethics (Cluster 6).

Being able to attend this research forum together with another  school was a wonderful and fruitful experience for  us Scholastican Psychology majors since this is our first time (third year and lower years) to attend a research forum. Through this forum, we were able to explore and discover new researches — by our fellow Psychology majors — which are helpful and beneficial to us, especially now that we are undergoing the rigorous process of thesis writing. It also serves as a good headstart for the second and first-year Psychology majors because they are now exposed to the various topics and research designs that they could use for their future studies in the preceding years of being a Scholastican Psychology major.

Through this forum, we were able to meet and bond with the Psychology majors of Miriam College. Both SSC and  MC colleges presented the final output of their research and  we all learned  from it. We hope it won’t be our last as we are looking forward to the next  CWC forum!

By: Jhumie Borja