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ARTE KOLASA: First 9 years and its genesis…

April 5,2017

Arte kolasa is actually not a new idea.  It is more of a new spirit or fire imbibed within the Fine Arts department by conscientiously developing the confidence of the learners and guiding them to discover their strength and identity so that they will have the courage to express their art through various media and boldly showcase their works to the public.

It all started in 2009 (2nd sem. SY 2008-09) when the thesis and exhibition of the graduating class was given a chance to be showcased in a popular venue after 7 years of holding the exhibits privately within SSC campus.  It turned out to be not just an exhibition but one with a strong and meaningful statement.  Advocacy was  the theme of the show held at G5 (Glorietta) of the Ayala malls in Makati City. Collaborating were thesis mentor Prof. Joselito Kayaban  (jokay) and former lecturer Armando dela Rosa who ably directed the activity as thesis and exhibit mentor, respectively. The BFA advertising design majors thesis show was considered a huge success based on audience turn out and reviews on the opening gala as well as feedback from industry professionals.  The exhibit even resulted in projects or jobs awaiting the graduating students. The event was held for 4 days in February coinciding with the celebration of the national arts month.

Henceforth, the annual graduation exhibit has been dubbed Arte Kolasa 2010, 2011, 2012 and so on, consistently upping the ante in the direction of advocacy through art. Arte kolasa is about finding the Scholastican artist’s identity through his/her strength as an advocate.  Our optimism lies in the potential of the Scholastican artist to become a catalyst for change through art, one advocacy at a time. 

Our emphasis is not limited to technical excellence in art making but more importantly giving weight on the idea/content/message/advocacy that is closest to the heart of the Scholastican.

In support of this thrust, the department endeavored to encourage creativity in terms of delivery of instruction, improvement of facilities and equipment, advocacy art-making activities both in and out of campus, partnering with other organizations for art and culture projects, active and sustained participation in national and prestigious competitions, outreach endeavors, wider industry connections by initiating art talks, fora and workshops. 

Beyond creative productivity (procedural knowledge) the focus gears on critical thinking (declarative Knowledge).  The students start to believe in themselves and their capability to create something for the good of humanity through art and design, something truthful, something beautiful…for the last nine years, the character formation (soft skills psyche, emotional intelligence, confidence) of a Scholastican artist is premium while the hard skills (creative production) can be learned and enhanced to a level aspired by any learner.

Arte kolasa is still a work in progress, but we would like to attribute to its spirit the recent harvest of achievements, among which are having produced numerous graduates with Latin honors and some firsts… first magna cum laude (Anya Acevedo), first Sr. Frideswida award for creative arts (Blanche Llanes), first Mo. Birgitta awardee for leadership (Khamylle Castillo), first SC (student council)president (Khamylle Castillo), first TS (The Scholastican) editor in chief (Marylin Dioso), first student COMELEC head (Maila Daal), 4 out of 5 distinctions from Fine Arts for GE comprehensive exams and a number of winners in national and prestigious art and design competitions for the last couple of years. These indicate that the Arte kolasa (Scholastican artist) does not only excel academically and artistically as a better artist but ultimately and more importantly, becomes  a better person and  member of society. ( # thankyoustscho).