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Art Society celebrates the month of Love and Art

February 24,2017

February is the month where Love, Art and the love for art is celebrated. Art Society celebrates the occasion through organizing various events for the SSC community. The events also help showcase the skills of the students in the Department of Fine Arts and Design in various forms of art.


In collaboration with the Psychology Society, Society of Music, Sining Tanghalan, PHICSAMATION, POLIS and CVS, Feb-ibig was held on February 14th. The activity is a celebration of love that encourages people in expressing their thoughts, feelings and ideas through visual and performing arts. In line with this, works from each organization under this activity was placed along the St Cecilia’s Hallway.

 The Women Empowerment Art Competition

This art competition is in celebration of Women’s Day on the Month of March. The aim is voices be heard and turn awareness into meaningful action and positive change through art. The executive board members of the organization and Department of Fine Arts and Design decided to hold this contest to showcase the creativity of different organizations and fine arts students outside the school to participate. The contest runs from February 8, 2017 till March 1, 2017.

 “Good Vibes Project”

Art Society placed a jar at the 3rd floor of the M building. In the jar were colorful folded strips of paper with inspirational quotes or phrases to let the good vibes come.  It can be very stressful at times during college life and this way it could be helpful for students who lost motivation or need a boost to get through the day.

Artworks exhibition (M-building 2nd  and 3rd floor)

February is the National Arts month and as the Department of Fine Arts celebrates it, Art Society came up with art exhibition last February 6-8 at M building wherein works of students were showcased. There were different forms of arts presented to the Scholastican Community. Several traditional paintings, installation art, photography works, drawings, digital art and packaging design were exhibited. The exhibition consisted of diversion of ideas, inspirations and way of executing their respective crafts. All works showcased are old plates from the Art Appreciation class and Fine Arts students.

Artist Talk with Anjo Bolarda

The artist-speaker Anjo Bolarda is a self-taught artist whose works have been showcased and exhibited in several international venues. Despite his various experiences in the he did not make his artworks alone the center of his presentation as he says he does not want it to be a ‘portfolio review’ kind of presentation. Instead he focused on relaying the things he had learned in his artistic journey so far for the younger artists in the audience. Towards the end of his presentation, he gave a list of ten advices to the students. Advices that he had learned from other artists as well one of which he tells the students to “…be innovative, get out there and experiment.’ He also encourages the audience to ‘Never be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and always look forward to meeting new people.” He also advices the young artists in the audience to “go to galleries, attend exhibitions, get out there and meet other artists, other people with the same passion as you. It’s always great to see what they do and know what motivates them to do it.”

“From My Camera Lens” photography exhibit

This Photography exhibition features photography artworks of the students from the 3rd year Fine Arts Advertising Design Major. It was held on February 15th -17th at M building, in front of Barrion hall. Through this exhibition, Art Society was able to showcase the talents of the students not just by painting or digital art but also Photography.