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Another Round of Gender Sensitivity Training for Female Librarians and Office Personnel

October 19,2015

“I am very thankful attending this seminar, for the knowledge on the rights of the women, most especially on “Sexual Harassment”. This is the feedback of one of the participants in the recently conducted Gender Sensitivity Training (GST) last September 5-6, 2015, at the Women Ecology and Wholeness Farm in Mendez Cavite. Fifteen women librarians and office personnel participated in the two-day GST which was facilitated by Professors Arche Ligo and Becky Padilla-Marquez.

The gender sensitivity training is an ongoing program under the Office of the President that aims to raise awareness and develop gender sensitivity in all of the members of the Scholastican Community.

When the course Women’s Studies was incorporated in the General Education Program of the College unit in 1987, plus the offering of the MA in Humanities major in Women’s Studies in 1997, women’s studies found its way in the academic sphere. But there was need to develop the gender sensitivity and perspective among the other members of the school community. Thus, regular gender sensitivity trainings were conducted for faculty and administrators. In 2004, a new module, the Gender Studies for Men (GSM) was developed to address gender concerns of men as well.

Every semester a gender sensitivity training is conducted for either women or men members of the school community. To date, all of the Guidance counselors have taken the GST. Many of the female faculty have also taken the course. More trainings still have to be conducted for the other women faculty, office and general service staff. As for the men, most of the men faculty and employees have taken the GSM. 

by Prof. Rebecca  Marquez