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ABS Leadership Training

September 16,2014

“God is seldom early, never late, and always on time.” 

Through different talks and activities, we got to know friends from different schools, values that will forever be ingrained in our hearts, and a message from God that we will never forget. On August 28-30, 2014, the ABS (Association of Benedictine Schools) Leadership training was held in San Fernando, Pampanga.  The different activities were designed to mold us into true Benedictine leaders who are Christ-centered and service-oriented.

We started with a talk on good zeal. We learned that good zeal is willingness to do something.  But I believe it is not only that; it is also tireless diligence to further improve ourselves and the world around us, regardless of the challenges we face.

For example, when given a chance to serve the community, we must do it whole-heartedly and consistently. Much like Ms.  Georgina Hernandez, a Scholastican alumna, who inspired us to be more sensitive to the people around us, and to serve not only the school community, but also those in need. She added that we should be sensitive to the needs of others.  She taught us that even simple ways like helping repack goods, or attending SEP activities, are already starting steps in making a difference in the life of others.  She instilled to us to be passionate in everything we do, an important requirement if we truly want to be servant leaders.

Most of all, I was most inspired by Ms. Seline Yu, who gave us a lesson on S-Leadership.  She taught us that a good leader must be close to God.  Since God knows what is best for us, if we LISTEN in many ways as possible, we will be aware on what we must do to bring out the best in our schoolmates and in ourselves.  She said that we will always be tested, but if we have the skills  and knowledge, guided by our purpose, and if we follow God, we will do what is good for everyone in our community.  Obstacles and failures are just opportunities for us to grow and learn. Young as we are, she encouraged us to wholeheartedly imbibe the Scholastican teaching of “prayer and hard work”. 

It was very inspiring to listen to these empowered women talk about how they live out their lives as Christ-centered and service-oriented leaders. It inspired us young girls to also aspire to do the same, as early as now. At the end of the leadership training, I am proud to say that I am now ready to look ahead and spread faith, love and hope to everyone.

By: Angela Serafico
Grade 8 – Simplicity