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A Midsummer Night’s Dream 2014

February 17,2014

One of the most anticipated events in the Grade School is the Grade Six students’ annual production of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Every year, people look forward to watching talented Scholasticans bring the different characters to life. The play revolves around the lives of four young lovers, a group of amateur actors, a duke and his duchess, and the immortal fairy king and queen, together with their band of fairies and elves. Each student waits for the day when it would finally be her turn to perform her dream role onstage.

Creating a successful play is no easy task. Our AMND experience began when our former principal, Mrs. Florina Castillo, had an inspiring talk on Shakespeare. When auditions finally came, excitement and anxiety were in the air. Everyone did their best and was quite tired in the end.

The following days passed by in a blur. Some of us had gotten our dream roles, while others weren’t content with the characters they were chosen to portray. Either way, everyone learned more about their character and learned to appreciate their role in the play. We also learned as the days passed that it took more than memorization to make a play; it took hard work and diligence as well. We learned to become focused and alert, whether we were acting or backstage handling the lights, sounds, or set.

The play production, all in all, was a memorable and great experience for all of us. It helped us develop into better, more disciplined, and more intelligent people.  No doubt about it, our AMND experience was amazing, and it has become a memory we will cherish forever.