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A Fun, Fabulous, Fearless and Fantastic Family Day

April 13,2015

I always look forward to our Family Day. It is a day to have fun, relax and play with our parents, siblings, teachers and friends. This year, I was a bit worried that it will not be as fun as the previous years because some of my close friends have joined the step –up program. There will be new parents and students who will join us and it will be a challenge to make this year’s celebration a success.

The night before the big day, I was so excited I could barely sleep. But as soon as the sun peeped through my bedroom window, I hurriedly put on my class shirt, eager to join the fun ahead.

It has been a tradition to warm up with a Zumba session before playing. This helps all of us to warm up and it also serves as an icebreaker for those who do not know each other. Our parents and teachers giggled with us. We were all awkward but it did not matter. We were just there to have fun.

After the Zumba, we opened the festivities by singing the national anthem and saying a short prayer of thanksgiving. Sr. Regina, our principal, welcomed all of us and gave us the go signal to start playing.

Our first game was called A Mouthful-voron. It was a pulvoron eating contest and Obstacle Race rolled into one. Parents, teachers and us students had to go through obstacles and at the end of the race, the last contestant must eat 2 pulvorons and shout our theme “Fun, Fabulous, Fearless and Fantastic@Four!” We had a blast seeing one of our daddies win.

The next game was called Maria Went to Town Fashion Show. Four mommies were made to model “national costumes” created by daddies and kids. We had a great time showing off our creativity. Ms. Japan won!

Of course, we must have a “brainy” game. This time, we played the game Around the World in Different Categories. It was an old party game where we had to enumerate answers to a category given by the host as fast as we can. It was confusing, at times hilarious. We had to think on our feet or we would be eliminated.

This is my favorite game, and everyone’s too. It is called Daddy Pictionary. The kid contestants were blindfolded and each had to put make up on the 4 daddies in front. We were all laughing and screaming because our daddies looked hilarious. It was quite touching that our daddies would make themselves look silly just to have fun with us. My team was the first to finish and my daddy looked the “prettiest”!

We ended the fun with a meaningful game called Bente Big Time para sa Sambayanan ni San Benito. It was a mash up between the game Winner Takes All and Bato Bato Pick. Everyone, teachers, parents and students had to join. Everyone will play Bato Bato Pick and the winner will win the P20 of her opponent. The last 2 contestants will battle it out for the chance to win and donate her pot. In the end, we were able to gather P2,900. The P500 prize of the winner was also donated so a total of P3,400 was donated by our grade level to the Yolanda victims in Sambayanan ni San Benito community in Tacloban.

After the games, we gathered together as a family to eat our yummy lunch. Everyone went home full and happy, with lots of take home gifts from our sponsors, and prizes from the raffle. We made new friends and brought with us new memories of fun with our family. It was truly a FANTASTIC Family Day!

By: Rain Lugay
Student, 4-St. Bernard