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High School Campus Ministry

HS Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry is an expression of the church’s special desire to be present to all who are involved in education and to further the dialogue between the Church and the academic community.

The High School Campus Ministry Program is basically a pastoral care program for ever member of the high school community with the hope that all will be “empowered by the spirit” to recognize their own dignity and giftedness, and to reach out to others in the campus to collaborate in proclaiming the Good News and in building God’s kingdom of love and justice.

The High School Campus Ministry offers the following services: liturgy, worship and sacraments, retreats and recollections, pastoral care and counseling, formation, family ministry, ministry to the sick, and information campaign/link with the church. It closely coordinates with the Christian Living Education Area and the following offices: Guidance, Student Activities and Services, Student Formation, Assistant Principal and Principal for a more effective implementation of its program and services. 

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