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Grade School Audio-Visual Center


GSAVC 7The Audio-Visual Center houses the educational software and hardware of the Grade School Unit. The video documentations of the student activities and faculty development are also kept here. It keeps up-to-date and well-maintained audio-visual materials and equipment to enhance and support teaching and learning. It is located at the Sr. Willibalda Schrader Hall (2nd floor of the Sta. Maria Bldg).

Who may use the Grade Schoo AVC?

All bonafide students of SSC, administrators, members of the faculty, staff and Sisters of the Benedictine community may use the AVC. All clientele are subject to its rules and regulations.


All reservations for the use of viewing rooms, audio-visual materials and equipment as well as services should be made at least one day before the scheduled use. Requests, reservations or borrower’s forms should be accomplished and signed by the teacher.

Service Hours

Regular School Days

Monday to Friday

From 7:30am to 5:00pm 
(No Noon Break)


From 8:00am to 12:00pm

Summer Break

Monday to Friday

8:00am to 5:00pm
(Lunch Break from 12:00 to 1:00pm)


8:00am to 12:00pm

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Contact Us

St. Scholastica’s College
Second Floor, Sta. Maria Building
2560 Leon Guinto Street

Malate, Manila
Philippines / P.O. Box 3135

Phone: (632) 567 – 7686 local 4452

GS AVC Office Head & Staff

Ms. Maria Corazon Alfonso
Grade School AVC Head

Ms.  Josephine G. Mamitag
Professional Service Audio-Visual Staff

Mr. Edgar P. Dela Cruz
Office Personnel / Senior Technician

Mr. Bong Chiyuto
Audio-Visual Technician/GSP

IMG_0008_ed• All educational software and hardware are for campus use only. Should there be a need to bring out any equipment or software, the approval of the Principal should be obtained.

• Grades 4-6 students (with validated ID) will only be allowed to borrow AV equipment after filling out a borrower’s form and securing the signature of the adviser or teacher concerned.

 • Equipment borrowed must be used properly and returned on time. A fine of Php5.00 per hour or Php50.00 per day will be imposed on the borrower for an overdue item.

• The person who signs for the equipment or materials is held responsible for use or damage done.

• EATING and DRINKING are strictly prohibited in all AVC facilities.

Conference Room A

Conference Room A

This is the biggest area in the Audio-Visual Center. It serves as a viewing room and venue where meetings  and conferences are held. It is furnished with tables and chairs. This room is equipped with two multimedia projectors, a computer and ceiling-mounted high quality speakers. It can accommodate a hundred teachers and students at a time.

Conference Room B

Conference Room B

It can be reserved for meetings and presentations. It can accommodate 30 people.

Recording_Technician's Room

Recording / Technician’s Room

It serves as the storage area for AV equipment. Audio recording is done in this room. It also serves as a working station of the AV technician.

Viewing Rooms A and B

Viewing Rooms A & B

These rooms are available for class or group viewing. These are equipped with multimedia projector, computer, video player, stereo amplifier and speakers. These are furnished with colored chairs. Each room can accommodate 50 students at a time.

Support or Satellite Facilities

The AVC has provided all the grade school classrooms with projection screens, overhead projectors (OHP), multimedia projectors and desktop computers with speakers. Laptop computers are also available upon the request of the teachers.

Technical Services

We render video & audio transfer services for a fee which will vary depending on the transaction needed.



Video and photo coverage of school and students’ activities.

Video Transfer

• VCD to VCD

• DVD to DVD

Audio Transfer 

• CD to CD

Access to Resources

• On-line Public Access Catalog or OPAC which includes the photographs collection

• Listings of audio-visual materials and equipment

 On-line Public Access Catalog (OPAC)

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