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College Audio-Visual Center

College AVC 1

COLAVC 12The College Audio-Visual Center (AVC) is located on the 3rd floor of the St. Cecilia’s Building (C325).  The Center houses a collection of audio-visual materials and equipment for students and faculty to assist in their curricular and extra-curricular activities.  Providing services primarily to the College Unit, it extends its services to the whole institution, Grade School, High School, and Senior High School as well as to the members of the Benedictine Community and the Association of Benedictine Schools.  The AVC also maintains several facilities for students and faculty use.


Guided by the Mission-Vision of St. Scholastica’s College, the College Audio-Visual Center commits itself to offer integrated-interactive multi-media learning resources in support of the instruction, research, and curricular offerings of the College Unit where Christian virtues and Benedictine values are reflected and manifested in its organization, operation, and management.


We envision a firmly established audio-visual unit that provides a high degree of efficient and effective delivery of service that enhances the knowledge and skills of self-directed lifelong learners in the pursuit of academic excellence, social, political, and environmental awareness.


COLAVC 24Aware of its Mission-Vision, the College Audio-Visual Center hopes to:

      • develop a sense of moral and social responsibility, accountability, stewardship, and intellectual honesty among students, faculty, staff, and other audio-visual users;
      • provide a wide range of relevant and up-to-date instructional materials and resources that support the school curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities;
      • deepen the learners’ knowledge and understanding of environmental issues and promote interactive learning through access to educational media and technology;
      • offer technical assistance  in the production of instructional materials and development of technical skills among students, faculty, staff and Benedictine Community to promote quality education; and
      • practice Christian virtues and Benedictine values in the operation and management of the AVC.
Service Hours
Regular School Days
Monday to Friday From 7:00 am to 5:00 pm
(No Lunch Break)
Saturday From 7:00 am to 2:00 pm
Summer Break
Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Saturday 7:00 am to 12:00 pn
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Contact Us

St. Scholastica’s College

3rd Floor St. Cecilia’s Bldg.
2560 Leon Guinto Street
Malate, Manila
Philippines / P.O. Box 3135

Phone: (632) 8567 – 7686 locals 2247 & 2248
Email: avc@ssc.edu.ph

On-line Reservation should be made one (1) week before the actual date of use of the facility and equipment.

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College AVC Office Head & Staff

Ms.Lailani P. Inciong
College AVC Head

Mark Espino
Lea A. Habitan
Veronica G. Postigo
Office Personnel

Gilbert Chiyuto
Jose A. Macaraeg

General Services / AVC Technicians


The following policies and guidelines are strictly observed and implemented by the College AVC:

1.    SSC ID is required for all transactions with the AVC.

2.    Searching of available audio visual materials can be accessed through OPAC using Follet Destiny Library Manager.

3.    All requests for the use of audio visual materials, equipment and facilities must be put into writing through the AVC Reservation Forms.  Reservations must be done at least a day before.

4.    For FACULTY and OFFICES only – On-line reservation is available.  Please go to ssc.edu.ph, click College Audio Visual Center (left side) and then click On-Line Reservation or simply copy this link:  


5.    Lending of Materials:


       5.1  For STUDENTS -maximum of 2 materials may be borrowed at a time

       5.2.  For FACULTY and STAFF

               5.2.1.  Maximum of 3 materials may be borrowed at a time.

               5.2.2.  Local and foreign movies may be borrowed and brought home for overnight use only.  However, documentary films are not allowed to be brought outside the campus.

6.    All AVC equipment and materials are for in-campus use only.  Use of equipment outs

ide the school requires a letter from the requester, Gate Pass and approval of the AVC Head.


7.    All borrowed audio-visual equipment and materials should be returned at the particular due dates.

8.    Requests for recopy of films, audio and pictures are subject for approval of the AVC Head.

9.    Should outside researchers come and want to use the AVC resources, he/she must have a letter of permission to and approved by the Office of the President and will be dealt with on a case-t case basis.

10.  For the alumni, SSC Alumni Card must be presented for identification purposes.

11.  Eating and drinking inside the AVC facilities are strictly prohibited.


The following policies are strictly observed:

1.  Clearance will not be signed unless all accountabilities to the College AVC are settled.

2.  In case of lost and / or damaged audio visual equipment and materials, a replacement in kind or payment in cash amounting to the actual price of the material or equipment plus a processing fee of Php50.00 is required.

3.  For STUDENTS – Fines are imposed on overdue return of audio visual materials and equipment.  Schedule of fines i available at the Circulation Counter.


FINES and CHARGES (per day) 

 CD Player


 Extension Cord










 Still Photo Camera


 Video Camera




Audio CDs, DVDs, VCDs











The College AVC offers the following services:

1.  Lending of audio visual materials and equipment for classroom use and school activities.

2.  Providing photo and video documentation of school activities as requested.

3.  Provide ID picture taking and printing services at an affordable fee.

4.  Accepting technical services such as video editing, video and audio transfers.

5.  Accepting recommendations in acquiring additional audio visual materials and equipment.

6.  For FACULTY only:  Distributing the list of available materials and new acquisitions through their email addresses.

<td “>30.00 / disc <td “>DVD and CD Labeks


Cut-to-Cut Editing

150.00 / hour

VHS/Beta/V8/DVD/VCD to DVD Transfer

100.00 / hour

CD to CD Transfer (music or picture)

30.00 / disc

DVD to DVD Transfer

30.00 / disc

CD Labels

10.00 to 20.00 / disc

ID Picture Taking and Printing

25.00 / set

1×1 (7pcs), 
2×2 (4pcs), 
2×3 (4pcs),
Passport size (5pcs)



The College AVC maintains and provides services to the following facilities:

1.  Viewing Room A (B206) – capacity of 50 pax

2.  Viewing Room B (B204) – capacity of 50 pax

3. Music Appreciation Roon (C323) – capacity of 50 pax


4. Sr. Odiliana Hall (M304) – capacity of 71 pax

5.  AVC Production / Viewing Booth (C324)  –   3 booths, maximum of 8 pax each booth)

SPECIAL FACILITIES where AVC has fixed sound system:

(Note:  Reservations for the use of the following must be coursed through the Administrative and General Services Office (AGSO) and Student Affairs Office.  AVC requests are for sound system use only.)

1.  Sr. Ehrentrudis Hall (Little Theater)

2.  Sr. Kuniberta Hall

3.  Social Hall

4.  Food and Beverage Simulation Room

5.  St. Cecilia’s Function Hall A and B



Audio Player / Recorders: CD/Cassette Players, Karaoke, Speakers

Video Players:VHS, DVD players

Over head Projectors

Video Cameras: Micro SD, HD Camera

Digital Camera


Microphones  Lapel, Wired, Wireless

Microphone Stands

Projector Screens


Audio CDs

DVD, VCD videos

–  Foreign and local Educational and Documentary Films
–  Foreign and Local Movies
–  School and Student Activities


Audio Books



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