by Elsa Lava-Mapua (GS '59/HS '63/College '67) and Bang Karaan (GS '73/HS '77)





St. Scholastica’s Alumnae Foundation, Inc. (SSAFI) is proud of former President Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino, Mercy Arrastia-Tuason, Susan Fernandez-Magno and all Scholasticans who have studied in our beloved Alma Mater.


What do Scholasticans have in common?  To quote Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino from one of her speeches, "They are exemplary leaders in their chosen fields, steeped in the Scholastican ethic of Ora et Labora, prayer and work, glorifying God in what they do for their fellow Filipinos."


Get a SSAFI Card Now!


Note: SSAFI Card fees are different from alumnae dues collected on homecoming day.

Here are the types of Alumnae/Alumni cards which SSAFI offers:


The SSAFI Card:


Serves as an ID
Is your way of showing you are "Proud to be a Scholastican"
Facilitates campus entrance when availing library services and transacting alumnae matters.

Enjoy privileges and discounts in SSAFI Card's Discount Partners.


We have enhanced the benefits of SSAFI Card holders by inviting bookstores, flower shops, sports shops, hotels, restaurants and other business establishments to be SSAFI Card partners. They will give discounts / and or entitlements to Scholasticans, when presenting their valid SSAFI Card. Most of these establishments are owned/or run by Scholasticans and Friends (see complete list of participating establishments). We invite all Scholasticans to be a SSAFI Card Discount Partner!To be a SSAFI Card Discount Partner, please contact the SSAFI office at telephone numbers 524-1559, 567-7686 local 555 and



There are two (2) types of Cards - Regular and Lifetime:



New HS/College Graduates Php 500.00 4 year validity
New Grade School Graduates Php120.00 4 year validity
Old GS/HS/COL Graduates/Renewal Php 500.00 5 year validity
Platinum Lifetime Php 100.00 Lifetime
Boys of Sister Gratia Php 500.00 5 year validity
Lifetime Card Php 2,000.00 Lifetime



We are now offering Lifetime SSAFI Cards. Any Scholastican can apply for this. How to apply ? Fill-out SSAFI Card application form and attach I" x 1" ID photo. On the blank space, at the bottom of the form, indicate the type of Card you are applying for (Regular or Lifetime )

Forms are available at the SSAFI Office or you can also download the form (Download SSAFI Card Application Form). You can also complete the online form - to update your profile with SSAFI or apply for a SSAFI Card. Before completing the online form for a SSAFI Card application, your photo ID and bank deposit slip should be ready to be uploaded from your computer etc.


Pay corresponding fee directly to the SSAFI Office or via bank deposit - to the account of St. Scholastica's Alumnae Foundation Inc., United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB) Vito Cruz Branch Account no 120-100772-3.



If you used the downloaded SSAFI form: as proof of payment, please send a copy of your deposit slip to SSAFI either by FAX, or as an email attachment. Telefax (632) 524-1559 ATTN: Noemi Laca; Email: .


When payment has been verified, SSAFI will process the card.  You will be notified by phone or through email, as soon as the card is ready for pick up .


For further details, please email or call the SSAFI Office at telex 632 524-1559/632 5677686 local 555, or check the SSC website link: .

The SSAFI Card offers the the advantage of an alumnae card with benefits and formalizes the support that you, as an alumna, give to your alumnae organization and via SSAFI, your school - St. Scholastica's College Manila. Most non-profit organizations survive because of the support of their members. The collection of alumnae dues (during homecoming) and SSAFI Card fees from new members/renewals contributes to the operational viability and existence of SSAFI. So please support SSAFI so SSAFI can support you!




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